About Us


The VX1 is a portable smartphone enhancer that is designed for any user to experience their phone with heightened viewing, gaming and capturing capabilities. Its privacy inserts allow you to use your phone hands-free without losing focus from nearby distractions. The purpose of the VX1 is to enhance the way you experience your smartphone. 

Rethink your viewing experience starting now:

GAMING- The VX1 makes gameplay more immersive. It gives you the ability to turn your phone into a complete portable gaming console. Load up your favorite game to see how the XV1 is designed to give you the versatility to play a game, just like you would at home on a console.

VIEWING - The VX1 transforms your phone into a personal theater by magnifying the small screen, turning your phone into a more captivating watching experience.

CAPTURE - The VX1 makes capturing videos and pictures in the moment easier, leaving your hands free to be part of the action. The VX1 can be adjusted to comfortably fit any face structure so you can capture each moment in full, widescreen definition with ease.